What information is being collected?

First name
Last name
E-mail address
(Mobile) Phone Number
Country of Residence
Dietary requitements
Invoice reference
Postal Code / ZIP
City / Town
Accompanying person (Salutation, First Name, Last Name and Dietary requirements)
Conference Program choices ip-address
Type of browser
Date & Time of registration
Photos & videos

Who is collecting your (personal) information?

Evite Services BV commissioned by RDW

Photographers / filmmakers commissioned by RDW

How is (personal) information collected?

Via online/website registration.

Through cameras

Why is your (personal) information being collected?

For registration and (informational) communication purposes for the event and for sending a thank you note with a photo collage afterwards and for post-event (internal) communication.

How will your (personal) information be used?

Company/Organisation - For addressing e-mail, tickets and/or badges

Function - For badges and/or statistics

title - For addressing e-mail and/or tickets

Salutation - For addressing e-mail and/or tickets

First name - For addressing e-mail and/or tickets

Last name - For addressing e-mail and/or tickets

E-mail address - For addressing e-mail and/or tickets

(Mobile) Phone Number - For text messages relevant to the event

Country of Residence - For statistics

Transportation - For preparation purpose of the event

Dietary Requirements - For preparation purpose of the event

Full Address - For sending an invoice or personal letter of invitation

Accompanying person - For tickets and/or badges

Personal conference progam choices - For preparation purpose of the event, tickets and/or badges

ip-address - For Security reasons, data is only held for a day

Type of browser - For displaying optimization, data is only held during the registration process.

Date & Time of registration - For statistics relevant to the event and in case of double registration.

Photos & videos - Post-event (internal) communication, sharing photo collages with attendees and creating an aftermovie.

With who will your (personal) information be shared with?

Only if you agreed to share your information we will share your name, organisation, job title and e-mail address with our partners.

Else: Nobody outside the organization of the RDW Event and/or Evite Services BV

Photos & videos could be shared on RDW website.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?


Complaints and/or questions

If you have a complaint or a question, please send an email to:

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